The group of youngest members acquires personality and independence. Most of its singers come from the School Choirs and the Music Workshop, which allows them to start working on more difficult pieces from the beginning. It is comprised of children aged 8 to 11.


Registration opened.

Access tests: September 9, monday, and 10th, tuesday, from 17.30 to 19.00

What do we do?

Promote choir music and musical awareness from infancy. Educate voices and teach how to enjoy music.

  • Choir practice
  • Teaching choral works
  • Taking part in festive events in the city and in concerts
  • Participation in the UNICEF Christmas charity concert in San Sebastian since 1997

During the school year.

Two weekly sessions on alternating days and outside school hours.

During the summer: Specific rehearsals for festive events in the city.

With whom?

With experienced children’s choir directors.

  • Leticia Vergara

8 to 11.


Teaching of feminine and masculine voices separately.

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