The classroom is open to both young enthusiasts and older musicians alike.


In June and September.


Teach this instrument from elementary to advanced level.


Using the traditional method in elementary and intermediate levels, complemented by pieces from the Suzuki method.

Advanced groups require personalised attention, with the repertoires being different for each individual student.


During the school year.

One or two weekly sessions on alternate days.

With whom?

Classes are given by the violin player Catalin Bucataru.

  • Catalin Bucataru
  • Antonio Bucataru

All ages.


Programme: 'My first experiences':

I.- Targeted at children aged between 6 and 9
Classes of 4 students
1 hour of violin and 1 hour of music theory per week
Extracurricular timetable

II.- Targeted at children of any age or level
Individual classes
45 minutes per week
Extracurricular timetable

Violin Classroom
Targeted at students of any age
All levels: from elementary to preparation for public examinations.
1 hour per week

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