What do we do?

We aim to awaken children's love of and feeling for music, with the possible later option of music literacy and training, seeking always to ensure that they enjoy music as a source of pleasure in itself and as a tool for exploring other areas.

  • Discovering sound environments and territories, Playing 'what can I hear?, Listening to all sorts of music, both classical and modern, Inventing sound sequences, which we read and write
  • With BASCHET instruments (sound toys and sculptures, With USOs (unidentified sound objects), With IFs (instrument families), With VRS (visual representation of sound, scores), With sound photographs: recordings
With whom?

A highly qualified teaching staff specialising in musical education, with extensive experience gained over more than 30 years in the Workshop.


Four annual courses. Students receive auditory and rhythmic training and learn to recognise musical codes, as well as participating in age-appropriate instrument workshops and musical auditions.

Similarly, they start singing lessons, and are given the opportunity to continue in the Orfeoi-Txiki (children's choir) or to start playing an instrument in the Violin Classroom.

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